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I’m a lawyer and lobbyist and I help organizations connect with government - specifically with the City of Nashville and the Tennessee General Assembly. I help clients trash their ideas of partisan politics and show them how to bring elected and appointed officials together to find solutions that benefit their organizations.


After more than two decades of working with government officials, I know that sitting down and hashing out creative solutions as partners is more effective than screaming your position. I position clients as valued resources, not playground bullies.

I’ve represented amazing groups including: cities, rideshare companies, short term rental platforms, engineers, developers, schools, autonomous vehicle manufacturers, online retailers, national non-profits, emergency helicopters, state wide associations, energy corporations and entertainment venues.


For five years, I represented the City of Nashville as a client at the State Legislature. I understand the intricacies of state and local government and am fortunate to have gained many lasting relationships, both personal and professional, throughout my career.


My clients are more than business contacts, they're family. You won't find my physical office. I prefer to meet clients and policymakers where they are to better understand their perspective


I am passionate about connecting people and learning more about my community.​ 


I serve on the Board of the The Healing Trust and on the Advocacy Committee of the Greater Nashville Technology Council. I am working to change juvenile sentencing laws in Tennessee and I'm a mentor with Equal Chance for Education.


In a former life, I recounted votes in Florida, served as a White House intern, and served as a legislative liaison to a Governor.


I received my BA (2000) and JD (2004) from the University of Tennessee as well as a degree in SEC football.


I spent the first half of my life in a basketball gym and my jersey now hangs on the wall of my high school.


I spend most of my time with my kind husband, my brilliant children and my perfect dog. I'm a runner who likes to cook, read and workout and my favorite place on the planet is our backyard.

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Building strategic partnerships  that showcase value


Facilitating collaboration to find creative solutions


Finding common ground that isn't based on party platforms

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